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Hypnotherapy can be employed to deal with a wide variety of problems that we may experience with our minds and bodies. It is a perfectly natural, safe and swiftly effective way to overcome what may be preventing you leading a normal or fulfilling life.

I have listed below the therapy areas that I deal with on a fairly consistent basis, however please be aware that this list is by no means comprehensive and if you have a condition you feel I may be able to help with please do call me.

agoraphobia                                               alcohol addiction
anorexia nervosa                                       anxiety/anxiety state
asthma                                                         bed wetting

blushing                                                       bulimia

confidence boosting                                  depression

drug addiction                                             eczema

embarrassment                                           emotional pain/guilt/anger

exam nerves                                                fear of flying

goal setting                                                  golf game improvement

hair pulling (trichotillomania)                    high blood pressure

impotence                                                     insomnia

interview nerves                                           irritable bowel syndrome

M.E . (chronic fatigue syndrome)               medical hypnosis

migraine                                                         motivation

memory and learning                                 multiple sclerosis symptoms

nail and finger biting                                   nervous problems .(see anxiety)

nightmares                                                    obsessive compulsive disorders

panic state, panic attacks                           pain control

performance anxiety                                   phobias (all kinds)

post traumatic stress disorder                   psoriasis

psychogenic infertility                                 public speaking

relationship problems                                sexual problems

shyness                                                         stop smoking

snoring                                                          sports performance

stage fright                                                   stammering, speech problems

stress and related problems                     ticks and involuntary twitches

ulcers                                                              urine retention

weight loss                                                    fibromyalgia


Appointments can be made by phone, letter, e-mail, or through your doctor.

Top ten therapy areas why people call

  1. quit smoking
  2. state of anxiety/panic/stress
  3. confidence/self esteem
  4. depression
  5. insomnia
  6. fears and phobias
  7. weight loss/eating disorders
  8. emotional upset
  9. nail biting
10. employment related nerves


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