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Hi Kevin,

Wanted to let you know that I had a great time - VERY happy with that result!  There were 40 riders from all over the country.  I had a couple of key moments. They were moments where I was completely in the moment, focused and  totally driven to win. Racing in Derby this weekend, I thought you might like to know how your techniques are helping me.


A personal area of great interest for me is sports performance, having greatly enjoyed rugby, football, athletics etc; I have an affinity with the desire to be the best and achieve your optimum performance levels when you compete.

This inner competitiveness extends itself to many other sports where sometimes honing and improving technical abilities is as important as our physical adeptness and stamina. Golf players, tennis players, hockey players, rugby players, kayakers, eventing, cross country horse riding, dressage, show jumping, all have the same affinity to improve their personal game and inherent abilities. One particular case was with a Formula Three racing driver where certain adjustments needed to be made in driving techniques and attitudes.


Regardless of what age or sport discipline you may be I can help you be the best you can be and better. The youngest I have helped is an 11 year old tennis player achieve county and international status; at the other end of the spectrum I have helped professional golf players achieve the cut on the European circuit and international sprint kayakers. Semi-pro, amateur or professional I can help you achieve and maintain top performance. At the higher levels of sport the game is won in your head.

Whatever the discipline I aim for 'the zone' perfection of mind and body where our natural automatic mechanisms work in complete harmony. This is achieved through hypnotherapy working with visualisation and mental rehearsal bringing our inner mind into play for focus, control and motivation.


Within the core of the therapy is also giving you greater self confidence and the teaching of self hypnosis, thought processing and EFT to continue, maintain and grow the natural abilities you have to their optimum capability.

value. quality care. convenience.


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