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"Dear Kevin

I just wanted to write and thank you for the help you have given me with your understanding and wonderful therapy (and enlightening strategies for removing stress from my life permanently!). You know already that you have been a life saver for me as I was very close to a breakdown. I heard about your practice from a friend and was desperate for help.  I can’t thank you enough and although I live quite a distance away from you I recommend you to everyone."

Mrs J.Gray



Hynotherapy provides very natural effective and speedy relief from stress in all its associated forms. Stress can present itself in many ways, from certain situations or from life' s general incessant pace. It is natures way of telling us to slow down and hypnotherapy teaches you about stress and your effective management of it. Normally from the very first session great relief is felt and in subsequent sessions I teach self hypnosis, EFT and thought processing strategies empowering you and enabling you to build, maintain and grow your self confidence and self esteem, feeling comfortable in any situation that may present itself in the future.


Stress has the ability to affect our confidence and affect our natural functions of sleep and well being.Stress can be brought on by certain situations, perhaps stemming from our past experiences or it may simply be the accumulation of the hectic pace that we sometimes have to lead our lives. Having succumbed to stress personally (before my introduction to hypnotherapy) I do have empathy and can relate to its impact on us as individuals.


It can simply be a particular phase in your life where the pressures do accumulate and, without realising it yourself, or perhaps wanting to admit it you find that it can quite dramatically effect your normal disposition and character. Stress can affect your life in a number of ways and if left unchecked can seriously affect your health. Noticeable signs of stress are irritability, lack of confidence and self esteem, changed sleeping patterns and in aggravated forms chest pains.


Hynotherapy brings great relief to people suffering with stress but more importantly in my therapy I teach coping strategies that allow you control and management of stressful situations and circumstances. The therapy instils confidence, a feeling of calmness and well being; allowing you to cope better and be in control of any future situation.


A member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners


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