Overcome and Eliminate Panic and Anxiety Attacks


Let go of your anxiety and live your life without panic attacks!



If you want to learn how to COMPLETEY REMOVE Anxiety and Panic Attacks from your life and live the rest of your life anxiety free then this program is for you.


Please Note: This is a complete program that includes the mp3 and a pdf manual guide

Panic attacks, when experienced for the first time can be the most frightening and scary experience. Pressure in your chest or head, your heart pounding, sweating, your breathing changing, as waves of sheer panic wash over you. Feeling totally out of control, the more you try and control it the worse it seems to get.

Let me just state here and now to you. It does not mean that you are a weak person or not confident. I recently helped an ex SAS man who had started to suffer panic attacks. Let me tell you he was confident, self assured and not afraid of anything or anybody.

His first experience of a panic attack was probably much like yours, you wondered what the hell was going on. I helped one gentleman who's panic attack had been so severe he had clutched his chest, his breathing had become shallow and he collapsed and fainted and everyone around him thought it was a heart attack! (So did he at the time). Subsequent exhaustive medical tests later carried out proved that his heart was fine and he was physically fit. He had suffered a panic/anxiety attack

As the ex SAS chap said to me. Why do I feel so overwhelmed and out of control? and Why is it happening to me?

Without digressing too much in depth to why panic attacks happen, needless to say they may appear wholly illogical when they present themselves but in actual fact it's the body's natural overrider or defence mechanism revealing itself. In my experience panic attacks will normally ensue after either a specific stressful experience or a prolonged period of stress (or both).

Although these episodes may have begun in response to an actual high stress situation or continued period of stress, they can continue to resurface and display themselves long after the incident or period has passed.

As human beings we cope with stress extremely well and in many instances (as with the ex SAS man) you may not even feel stressed or under pressure. Sometimes we are either so busy or we have to continue to cope on a daily basis that we don't realise the level of emotional exhaustion we are under until our bodies then react in this exaggerated and unexpected way that presents itself either as a permanent sense of general anxiety or panic attack. (or both)

A panic attack is an involuntary reaction by the body, reacting either to what it thinks is a perceived threat to our safety or is an accumulation of anxiety or stress. (a 'fight or flight' response). With this mp3 audio and pdf manual guide I teach you to both step in and take control but also to permanently eliminate stress and anxiety from your life so that you will never experience a panic attack ever again . Completely and finally resolving that problem and giving you back your life (I know how debilitating the attacks can be in just simply doing the simple things in life that other people may take for granted)

As well as teaching you self hypnosis and how to take control and remove panic attacks permanently you also receive the techniques and strategies I employ with my clients that have proven to work to completely eliminate stress and anxiety which can lead to panic attacks.

Say goodbye to panic attacks forever with the help of my mp3 and de-stressing techniques!

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