Interview Influence/Confidence




Just found out you have a job interview?


Is it your first interview ever?


Is it another interview in a long line of interviews?




You already know the harsh reality of the job market. Hundreds of applicants applying for just one job, being shortlisted for interview means you have one shot at getting this right to be offered the job. The competition is immense.


Life isn’t sometimes fair. It can be a brutal job market out there so the more you can put the odds in your favour to guarantee a result and get offered the job then you don’t have to rely on luck


It doesn’t matter what job you may be applying for, top level executive, manager, shop assistant or board director of a top company. You’re now on an even footing with all other applicants and what happens now at your interview will determine whether you get offered the job or not


If you think you can ‘wing it’ and not prepare and not do enough of the right things you will not get the job, but you already know that!


There are certain things you must do to be considered but everyone who is attending the interview will be doing these. What you have the opportunity to do now is to weigh the odds so heavily in your favour that in many respects the prospective employer will feel compelled to offer you the job


That Is the key question you should be asking yourself now – “what can I do now I have the job interview to make sure I’m seen differently, I’m seen as the natural choice for the job


This is not hype or a sales pitch, this is proven, easy to learn and apply methods and techniques you can now use yourself to ensure that the next interview you attend you rise above everyone else in being considered for and offered the job


This is unconscious influence and the confidence to know that the next interview you have YOU CAN influence the outcome. How confident is that going to make you feel


At this point you may not believe this is possible so let me tell you a few things to why this will work for you


I have my own hypnotherapy practice in Worcester, England. Over the 20 years I have been in practice I have studied and researched hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), body language and unconscious influence. Previous to becoming a full time hypnotherapist my career was in the corporate world for more than 25 years so I have been interviewed and been the interviewer many times. In addition to this I have undertaken further consultation with senior HR managers regarding the content of this program, so I know this will work for you


If you , like me, are a sceptic then you will understand how I had to prove this to myself first that this worked so I gave the very basic interview influence program to a number of people who had told me they were job hunting and had job interviews. I have to say the results in fairness surprised me with everyone I had given the program to and had applied the processes I recommended had been offered a job!


One person had attended three interviews over a period of two weeks and had been offered the job by each prospective employer! Stunning. Another attended two interviews and got offered the job from one.  The funniest one was a lady I had been helping at my practice who had been suffering with stress, anxiety and lack of confidence and she was attending an interview (two actually) for a senior position in a large organisation and she also had to do a presentation. Anyway, cutting a long story short I gave her the basic interview influence/confidence program and recommended she apply them. She emailed me after the interview to say the interview was disastrous, during her presentation she had lost her words and had written off any chance of getting the job. However, she did insist in telling me she had applied all she could of the unconscious influence techniques during the interview but had written off any chance of the job simply because she had messed up.  A week later I get an email from her, gobsmacked, saying she had been offered the job! I have the emails she sent me documented and on file. She had messed up the interview and her presentation and still been offered the job against what I understand was very credible other applicants. Was it the unconscious influence that swayed it in her favour? She felt that it had to be.


What I can guarantee is that you would have immediate impact in being considered for the job above anyone else


You are literally shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t take unconscious communication seriously


I am that confident in this program that I give you a 100% money back guarantee for 90 days to prove to you that it will work for you


So, you’re probably thinking the same as what I would be thinking at this point and you like me would also be thinking this is too good to be true………..I’m a sceptic myself so I know how you feel. The program gives you a unique combination of covert hypnosis and other ‘below the radar’ stealth psychological  techniques that ensure your success. If you, like me, prefer things to be simple to apply and use more or less immediately and without any padding or unnecessary verbage then this is for you.


Here’s What You Will Have:




A simple 6 page document that shows you the techniques and understanding to give you the ability to unconsciously influence anyone you come into contact with, ‘special phrases’ which make what you are saying seem like normal conversation but activates their unconscious mind to act on your words without them even knowing…….and yes, obviously that includes your prospective employer who will be interviewing you for the job…….so you learn how to unconsciously influence them so they offer you the job!You’ll learn how unconscious communication is everywhere in our daily lives

           *   You’ll learn how you can talk directly to your interviewers unconscious mind

 *   You’ll learn how this will blow away your competition, and much more

 *   You’ll learn basic skills, nothing complicated, easy to pick up and apply




An audio hypnotherapy mp3 that contains two tracks of audio. The first track outlines and confirms the transcript of the 6 pages of the ‘influence document’ above so your senses engage at a different level to absorb the information and the second track is an audio hypnotherapy session that enables and boosts your interview confidence and also to apply the techniques at the interview

   *   Engage your own unconscious mind to learn quicker

                              *   Prep your own mind for the interview to gain confidence in yourself

*   Learn to relax and be comfortable at the interview




The Diamond Document - This one document is a stand alone secret influencing document. This one document is a massive extra bonus to the program that can give you immense advantage. This one document can get you the job offer just on it’s own, this is very powerful when used


I’ve left this one till last because many times this alone will make the job yours. A further simple document so profound that when applied can get you offered the job immediately without applying any of the other techniques! In the past I have used this one document, presented it to the interviewer at the start of the interview and the job has been offered to me at the interview. One particular instance when I was being interviewed by the Managing Director of the company I handed this document to him, he read it and we spent the rest of the interview talking about how we could work together. Before I had arrived home in the afternoon he had called me to offer me the position.

           *   How to take control of the interview

           *   How to, in one fell swoop, give yourself the competitive edge, to be immediately considered  for the job

           *   How to approach the interview differently

           *   This program works for everyone - top level executives, first time job applicants, career changers, internal promotions, white or blue collar….any field, industry or position


This is very powerful and profound


– and has proven to work –


and it will work for you


This IS NOT your standard run of the mill ‘get that job’ scam stuff you read about on the internet where you waste your money. This stuff is different, I wanted to give you something that would be different that would give you an immense, massive edge to get that next job


I am so confident that this will work for you that I give you a 100% money back guarantee so you can prove it for yourself – so you have nothing to lose


So, how much is it I hear you saying…… may have already scrolled down the page as soon as you felt you want this (a bad habit I have too, I think it’s called being impatient!) to see how much it is. Well, let me tell you what have been my thoughts in putting a price on this for you……..the people that have already used it (albeit I gave them just the basic 6 page unconscious influence document only) said I should be charging a premium price that would sort out those who were serious about landing that next job.


Let me ask you a question first……….


How much money is getting your next job worth to you. If someone could give you a guarantee how much would you be willing to invest in your future, your career, your life?


Read that again and take a moment to think what that would be worth to you?


Some of you who may be reading this may be willing to spend more than a £1000, £2000, £5000 pounds even. Put this on your credit card knowing you could easily pay it off with your first salary cheque from your new job. I ask you this question simply because everyone may put a different figure on what they could or would pay……..but what you have to bear in mind is that I’m giving you a 100% money back guarantee


I didn’t want to make this such a premium price that only a few could afford it, at the same time I didn’t want to devalue it’s profound high value worth by putting too low a figure on it. So I came up with an idea that hopefully you will like. For a limited period which at the moment I have decided is just 30 days you are going to be able to invest in your future for the princely sum of just £19.95 (for the USA that’s approx $29). This works in any language!


I wanted to give everyone a chance to get this at this price for this limited period because I want a trade off from you……..I want to hear your many success stories with this program, simple enough. And with the guarantee you have nothing to lose. After the limited period of 30 days the price will increase to £29.95 (approx $44). Don’t be misled that I’m doing this to get more sales. The price will increase after that period. All I ask is that if when you have it at the reduced price you let me know your job offer success stories


Now, I’ll be very blunt and honest with you if investment in your future is not worth 20 pounds, 29 dollars,  then DON’T BUY THE PROGRAM, I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY. You are simply not serious. This program is for serious committed individuals who want to get the job for that next interview they go for. All you have to do is simply engage with the program and apply a few simple things, if you do it will work for you as has already been proven by the individual testimonials you will see on this page


The choice is yours, I’m not here to give you a hard sell I’m here to give you the opportunity to invest in yourself and your future. It doesn’t matter whether you are setting out for your first job interview, going for that dream job or attending yet another interview in a long line of interviews. It doesn’t matter what position you are interviewing for, whether it’s a senior directors position, a manager’s position, stacking shelves or on the shop floor this will work for you


Let me tell you, in my career I have spent 25 years in one of the most exacting, demanding and rewarding professions in the corporate world, both in the trenches and behind a desk, I know because I have been there. Whilst there I learned about people skills, how people tick, how decisions are made, what makes an employer employ someone. In addition to this I then spent 17 years studying the mind, how it works, why we do things, how we tick (and now getting people to ‘tick’ correctly!) I learned that 80% of our decisions can be influenced by our unconscious (or subconscious) I learned how you can influence someone to make a decision in your favour without the use of hypnosis and without them knowing how you influenced them  


I am not here to tell you how good I am, what I want to convey to you is that I’m a real person not some closet ‘expert’. I’m someone that comes from the real world of real people and can help you now both understand yourself and give you tools to now influence life and others to your advantage and benefit. I originally put this program together for a couple of my clients to help them as they requested help from me and it developed from there.


What you now have is an opportunity to have a simple but very profound method that ensures you get offered the job from the next interview you go for. There’s no free bonus gifts, no unnecessary rubbish, no subscriptions. What you get is plain and simple what you need. I don’t like to be messed about and I’m sure you like me are the same too.


Can I remind you again that the very low price I’m offering this at for you is for a limited time period only of just 30 days, after that the price will increase so make a decision today and save yourself even more money. For the sceptics, like me, here’s a reminder too of my guarantee to you……..


100% Money Back Guarantee


I wanted to give you complete peace of mind when purchasing the program so I have listed my guarantee for you below


You have a full 90 days to use the Interview Influence/Confidence Program entirely risk free. If for some reason you feel the program does not deliver on everything you want and expect I want to know about it. Simply email me explaining why stating you want your money back. I’ll issue you a refund and let you keep the entire program anyway.

Why would I do that? Because I want to treat you the same way I would like to be treated, with honesty and integrity. In all my business and professional life I have treated people, and continue to do so, with absolute integrity. I have found that most people are honest and have good intentions. I wanted to make an offer to you that is truly immense value for money, with absolutely no risk to yourself and everything to gain


You have NOTHING to lose and your next job to gain


Try Interview Influence/Confidence yourself now and see for yourself how remarkable this can be for you in landing multiple job offers like the lady above and the other individuals that have landed job offers because of this program


Simply click on the order link below, once purchase has been made do not close the web page, simply wait a few moments and you will automatically be taken to the download page that will give you immediate download access to the Interview Influence/Confidence program


I use PayPal which is an international provider of secure transactions. You do not have to provide any credit card details to me at all. Your order information is completely confidential and is not passed to any third party. Only PayPal and your bank access the information.







Instant Download - Just £9.95 ($13) - Preferential price for 30 days only


I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read through this page today. I really look forward to hearing from you and your success stories of job offers


Best Wishes


Kev G


  P.S. - Just a reminder but only fair for me to give you fair warning and a reminder that the low level price of £9.95 ($13) you pay for the Interview Influence/Confidence Program that you see on this page today is only valid for 30 days.  Please do not be surprised if you return to this page and find that the price has increased to £19.95 ($26)


    P.P.S. – Don’t forget, I am give you 90 day 100% money back guarantee – this is risk free


P.P.P.S. – Instantly download Interview Influence/Confidence to your computer. Read through the documents, listen to the audio mp3 giving you the unconscious influence secrets and take immediate advantage of the stand alone document that could land you that next job on its own. This IS NOT complicated. If you have an imminent interview you can read through, digest and apply immediately at your next interview. Listen to the audio hypnotherapy mp3 to empower yourself with confidence and influence at an unconscious level  (you do not need an mp3 player to listen to the mp3 audio hypnotherapy, it will play on your computer or you can download and play it on your i-phone/pad)


Keep in mind, this is an investment for your future and will repay you many times over








Hi Kevin, just a few words to thank you for the most amazing information you gave me and to let you know how I have gained from using it. Simply having the understanding of how to influence people gave me more confidence in the interviews and with that and the interview confidence you have given me I found I was more relaxed about the interviews I attended.

You already know the results, I never thought I would have a choice of what job I wanted!

Thanks again, you're a star

Best Wishes



Hi Kevin

 I've read the Influence sheet already. It's great fun and just the sort of weapon (linguistic and non-verbal) that I would actually enjoy applying.

Many thanks. Will let you know if I get an interview and, if so, what happens next


Got into the interview, for which I had to give a 5 min technology free presentation on a topic. That went well... and then... well, it felt like

downhill skiing, only without the snow or fun. I actually was lost for words at one point (some of the questions were stupid and required even more ludicrous answers). Can you believe it? I've only ever been lost for words twice before: once in an interview, the other with my ex partners ex!.

Anyway, I tried some of the interview influencing techniques - though don't worry,  I shan't be after you for not getting me the job. Not heard yet but I’m in no doubt that I won’t have got it. So, in terms of practice, it was good.


I got the job! Staggered. How bad must the others have been???? Or, alternatively, how good was my 'Interview with Influence' technique? ;-)

I've accepted it provisionally, just waiting for money to be sorted. I'll keep you posted



Interview went really well, I used the techniques and got the job!

Thanks for that



Hi Kevin

I don't often give a testimonial but in this case I felt compelled to do so. I bought the program simply because there was a job I was attending an interview for that I really wanted and had already attended interviews previously and not been offered the job. I could see from your web site you were a real person! and not just someone trying to push a product and make a quick buck, and in fairness with the price and guarantee I really did not have anything to lose and everything to gain. I really enjoyed the mp3 audio and the information was really easy to pick up and apply which I was really pleased about as I thought it would be complicated - how wrong I was! So easy and so much fun too! I got offered the job and have been there for two weeks now and love it. Thank you so much for putting all this together. Everything you said it would do it delivered on and more, can't thank you enough. To those people considering buying the program I can only tell you this is different and if anything is going to get you the job this stuff will

Thanks Kevin

Tracey Richards


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