"I was desperate and at rock bottom when I sought help from Kevin. Since childhood I had found difficulty in sleeping and as the pressures of adulthood had grown I had resorted to both alcohol and pills to provide release. This had taken its toll and I felt exhausted and depressed. The treatment I received in just three sessions gave me a framework to both understand and help myself back into a balanced frame of mind where I could give in to a night's restful sleep. During the whole experience I was supported continuously by the positive effect of the treatment and by replies to my emails so that I never felt alone. I honestly feel that if I was helped in this way then anyone brave enough to seek help to explore themselves may also be helped. It has proved a most uplifting experience and I cannot recommend this treatment or Kevin Garrington highly enough. He was always professional, very kind and explained everything clearly so that I could progress easily to the pleasure of sleeping"

JC Worcs



 just to let you know, I finally slept last night,  I went to bed at 11pm and awoke about 5am so had 6 hours solid, I then went to toilet and still managed to drop back off to sleep for another 2 hours so was very happy with that. Although I was sceptical it would work for me this is the first time I have had a good nights sleep for many months"

DH - Worcester



Insomnia and sleep problems can be attributable to stress, worry, loss, depression and a number of underlying reasons. Our physical and mental capacities require sleep to re-energise and relax; lack of sleep, or problematic sleep can have significant impact on our health and general well being. This in turn develops into a further worry about our lack of sleep and develops into a vicious cycle.


From early childhood our mind develops a program for us to 'know' when we need to sleep. Occasionally this program is thrown out of its accepted 'body clock' schedule. A classic example of this is jet lag where we move to a different time zone where the hours of our bedtime may be some four hours out. This confuses our body clock mechanism and it sometimes takes a couple of days for our body clock program to adjust.


Hypnotherapy works in communicating with the body clock mechanism in your mind to program your sleep patterns back to their normal acceptable times and periods


The underlying reasons for lack of sleep I mentioned earlier of course may be playing their part in the situation and it is also this area that we identify to alleviate any stress or worry that may be continuing or impacting the problem. Hypnotherapy is applied to bring relief and understanding to these areas in a very relaxing and comforting way allowing you to relax and enjoy deep enjoyable sleep every night


Results can be obtained from one single session, however, I normally suggest that two to three sessions are required depending on each individuals requirements. In some cases where underlying issues may be the reasons for worry, stress and hence lack of sleep then these areas would need to be addressed effectively to ensure comprehensive and lasting progress is made.


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