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I went to see kevin with a severe needle phobia i had developed as a young child, after one session with kevin the phobia was gone, with the use of EFT and hypnotherapy, things have changed for me dramatically, but most importantly, kevin is warm, friendly, and creates a relaxed and positive atmosphere, where you feel you can let go and tackle any problem, kevin also gives material on self help at home, which is an excellent  after care service not offered by many others, i would recommend kevin to anyone.



Fears and Phobias can present themselves in many forms, sometimes quite irrational to our normal way of thinking and behaving. One thing they all have in common however is that they are inappropriate to how we would like to feel and react; and generally restrict you leading a normal life.


If you have taken time to read about the unconscious part of our minds on my web site you will know that this is a very powerful and naturally protective part of our make up as human beings. The unconscious part of our mind reacts automatically and cannot identify what is presented to it as real or imagined, which means it does not actually think or reason . This means that sometimes the unconscious accepts things and gets it wrong, this produces fear or upset because the unconscious is conditioned to protect us and sees the inappropriate situation as threatening; hence the irrational response which can accumulate to a phobia situation, and the situation remains until the unconscious is otherwise advised.


As I mentioned earlier many fear and phobic situations to your conscious mind may appear stupid or irrational, which is all the more exasperating for people who suffer with this situation as they do tend to be intelligent, rational and highly imaginative people. Hypnotherapy is applied to 're-program' the unconscious mind to adopt and maintain a normal reaction to any given situation. There can be presenting reasons why you may have realised a fear or phobic condition, sometimes it may be fairly innocuous happening from an earlier experience that has now become inappropriate for you in later life.


Because hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind in a very relaxing way to change things that are no longer appropriate for us the 'irrationality' of the unconscious is overcome and change is adopted in a very swift and effective way. In my experience quite dramatic changes can be made in one session, however, to effect permanent comfort and relief a number of sessions are normally carried out along with self hypnosis training and EFT teaching.


It may be worth mentioning at this point that I have been successful with many clients who had suffered for most of their life with fear and phobic situations, some enduring very lengthy treatment elsewhere (many years in some cases) which had slightly improved their situation but not alleviated or taken it away. Some contacted myself firmly believing that they would have to live with their condition for the rest of their lives and trying hypnotherapy as the last resort as they had nothing to lose. It gave myself great satisfaction to be able to effect very swift relief to them; a fact they were very dubious about to begin with and they were obviously surprised and delighted with the results.


I have listed some of the more common fears and phobias I have been presented with below over the 16 years I have been in practice. This is by no means an extensive list and if you do have a particular situation where you feel I may be able to help please do contact me by email or telephone to discuss where I can be of help :

fear of flying                                spiders
fear of the dark                           motorway driving
dental phobia                             delivering presentations
stage fright                                  interviews
fear of needles                           fear of feathers, birds, ballons, buttons, clowns, toilets

fear of vomiting (emetophobia)

fear of wetting/pooing yourself (in public mainly)


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