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Dear Kevin

I can't thank you enough for the whole new lease of life you have given me. Your methods and strategies I know come from many years of experience of helping people, and it shows?! I was at the end of my tether when I contacted you, and I felt I was going to lose it completely. Your down to earth way of giving me strategies, therapies and tools that I could immediately help myself with was brilliant and right from our first session I felt more in control and a lot more confident. I continue to use the EFT and the thought more stress at all!

I live my life without any fears now thanks to you. I wish you every success, you deserve it.

My Best Wishes

Susan H


Perhaps one of the most common areas that every human being has and yet does not feel they have control over is confidence and how they feel about themselves. Our individual make-up, no matter what age we are, has been shaped by our past experiences, parental and educational teachings, beliefs etc; and is continued to be shaped every day by what we do, how we feel and how we react emotionally to particular situations, social or otherwise.


Confidence sometimes may feel to be that aloof element of ourselves that we can do nothing to strengthen and change; hypnotherapy is extremely successful in helping you to develop high levels of self confidence and greater self esteem.At particular times in our lives, although we may normally be quite a confident individual, we may experience feelings of low self esteem or confidence. This in my experience happens and so we need to have a mechanism that re-energises, refreshes and strengthens our inner resolve of esteem and confidence.


Hypnotherapy can be applied to be a natural tool for you to develop and use to your advantage throughout your life, enabling you to effect changes in many areas where you would like to feel stronger and more in control, that may be personal, social or employment situations.


An important part of my personal therapy application with confidence and self esteem is that you, the client are taught tools of self hypnosis, EFT and thught processing to enable you to continue to grow and develop personally as your life progresses. These tools empower you as a person. This treatment is very powerful and profound indeed, but at the same time is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.


Therapy techniques are applied and taught that beneficially utilise your own inner mind, your own inner resources that are always there for you, to become stronger and in a very natural way become more confident about yourself and the world around you.


Individual therapy with myself will also help to identify if there may be particular areas or parts within yourself that may be holding you back from your natural personal development. These areas or parts are recognised and come to terms with in a clear and confident way to help you realise your true potential.


Most of my clients in relation to confidence and self esteem respond very quickly to hypnotherapy, often immediately from the very first session and then going on to consolidate their gains with their self hypnosis and EFT, sometimes a further short series of sessions depending on their own levels of advancement.


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