Complete Weight Loss Program

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I have my own hypnotherapy practice in Worcester, England. Over the period of 18 years I have been in practice I have lost count of the number of people I have helped in this area. Obese people, people who have put on weight over a period of time and want to now lose it, people who just want to lose a few pounds or want to lose weight for an event, a wedding perhaps.

If you want to lose weight easily without the struggle and depriving yourself then this 3 audio hypnotherapy recording mp3's is for you

Lose weight now and maintain your ideal weight. the 3 audio set program has been tailored to eliminate all those areas that are preventing you losing weight

This weight loss program has proven to work because I don't tell people "you can't have that" or "you shouldn't eat this". People don't like being told what to do and the people who find it difficult to lose weight or lose it and then put it back on generally associate the word diet with pain, discipline, hard work and depriving yourself of the things you like. I do not, and have never worked this way

Losing weight has to be something that allows you to create new eating behaviours and patterns with food that is acceptable and comfortable to you. This way you will lose weight, maintain your ideal weight and feel comfortable and happy doing it. Whether it's snacking between meals, eating more than your body needs, eating too fast, comfort eating, reward eating, boredom eating, worry/stress eating...... - all those areas that prevent you losing weight are in this program

Without exception, most everyone that sits in front of me that wants to lose weight already knows what they should and shouldn't eat and where they are going wrong. The missing piece to help them action their thoughts is changing their perception of food and how easy it can be to lose weight. This 3 audio hypnotherapy program is uniquely effective in programming the mind to create an acceptance of new eating behaviour patterns that work to help you lose weight, eat healthier food, eating less amounts and controlling what, when and where you eat. You take control after listening to the audio hypnotherapy recordings, your behaviour patterns automatically change

As I tell all my clients, you put weight on over a period of time and that's the correct and natural way for you to take it off. Developing new and comfortable eating habits and actions means you maintain this too.

This 3 audio mp3 recordings incorporate highly advanced and proven weight loss hypnotherapy techniques, breaking any negative associations you may have with eating and dieting, giving you back full control, so you will begin to lose weight in the best and most natural way possible. Eventually achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

Once your purchase of the complete weight loss program is made you will instantly receive the link via the pdf to the download page which will give you immediate access. Download and open the pdf to access the link to the complete 3 audio hypnotherapy recordings mp3's and look forward to losing weight and achieving your ideal weight.

The duration of the mp3's are: mp3-One 38 minutes : mp3-Two 38 minutes : mp3-Three 33 minutes






Complete Weight Loss Program


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