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I have been in practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Worcester since 1997. In the more than 22 years I have been in practice I have helped many thousands of people make positive changes in their lives with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I am trained to the highest standards having spent more than 18 months personally attending study and training and passing the Hypnotherapy Diploma examinations with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis at the University of Central England in Aston, Birmingham. All of my training has been externally accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, GHSC and I now hold the senior qualification for my experience. All the training required personal attendance and the examinations both written and practical were externally assessed. None of my training has been via distance learning. My learning has required 300 hours of study and 100 hours of clinical supervision. The GHR also stipulate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which ensures I remain up to date with new developments and ahead of the game


There are at present, no laws governing the practice of hypnotherapy, so it is important to check that the therapist you choose is a member of a reputable body and their qualifications are from a legitimate 'hands on' trained and supervised recognised and registered body, so please be vigilant when choosing your therapist and look for professional training standards. It is important when looking for a hypnotherapist in Worcester to ensure they have completed GHSC accredited training. This way you can be certain to receive the highest standards of therapy at all times.


I have had individuals come to see me that have already been to other hypnotherapists in Worcester relating their unfortunate experiences to me. I appreciate that everyone has to start out in practice at some point, indeed as I did. But who would you prefer to trust?  With more than 18 years of experience of helping people now I know how to help people in the most careful confidential and rapid way to get them achieving their changes. I have the advantage of having also helped individuals with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for more than 10 years and have my own Cognitive Strategies I teach people which have proven to work. As many people I have helped say to me "You are a lot more than a Hypnotherapist"


Not all hypnotherapists in Worcester are the same, just as not all mechanics and brain surgeons are the same. With hypnotherapy you are trusting someone with your inner mind!


A useful checklist for you:

1) How long have they been qualified and in practice

2) What are their qualifications

3) Who and How did they do their training with (i.e. correspondence or 'hands on' practical training)

4) Are they fully insured - personal liability insurance

5) Are they qualified in just one discipline i.e. Hypnotherapy or can they offer other treatment/therapy options too

6) Do they work their practice full time or part time

7) Is the main contact number a land line or mobile

8) Are they affiliated and registered with an official and recognised body i.e. the GHR

9) Have they been successful in what you are looking to change

10) Do they have enough experience to specialise in certain areas i.e. anxiety/panic attacks/stress etc; - see my links page for my specialist areas and also my many testimonials for the wealth of experience I have in helping people with many areas


and lastly, it's always worthwhile giving them a call and speaking with them first or having a free consultation as you need to be happy and comfortable with the therapist you are looking to work with and trust them


- as I said earlier "not all hypnotherapists in Worcester are the same" - make sure you employ the one that's right for you






value. quality care. convenience.


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